What is Darefore? 

Darefore is a pioneering tech brand, revolutionizing cycling performance with a smart position sensor. The position sensor is accompanied by a tech suite which includes an app and an online training platform.

Can Darefore be used indoors and outdoors?

Yes, it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

When used outdoors it can track body posture, location, speed, distance, power, heart rate, cadence, balance, inclination, and provides data and statistics about cycling position and how it affects the athlete’s performance.

When the Darefore app is used indoors, the app also calculates the instant speed based on the captured body posture and its CdA, the height and the weight of the cyclist and the weight of the bike.

Who can use Darefore? 

Darefore can be used by any cyclist and triathlete. Especially for the athletes that want to monitor, analyse and correct their body posture on the bike Darefore is the right solution.

How is Darefore different?

Darefore focuses on the key element of cycling performance and velocity, the cycling posture. The wearable sensors of Darefore track the posture in real-time, while the app analyzes the various positions and conducts comprehensive data analysis. This provides valuable insights into how different postures impact cycling variables such as power, heart rate, cadence, and ultimately speed.

Where can I download the Darefore app? 

You will be able to download the app on Google Play and App Store as soon as it is available.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to use Darefore?

Darefore was designed and developed to be used by all level beginners and elite athletes. Beginners have a lot to gain from the platform, which aims to help them correct their cycling posture and decrease air drag coefficient. The elite cyclists may work on fine adjustments on their body posture during their training and race, a winning-race factor.

How can cycling coaches use Darefore?

Coaches can use the Darefore platform to provide training plans to athletes, monitor their progress and give them feedback either on their performance or on certain cycling variables such as their body posture on certain circumstances or on specific segments of the road.


What data does Darefore measure? 

Using our Darefore light wearable sensors, we track the body posture. We connect with third-party devices and we read the heart rate beats, the power watt, the balance percentages, the cadence rpm, the location and the inclination of the road real-time.

On what devices will Darefore cycling app be running?

The app will be available on Android and Apple devices.

How is my cycling data analysed? 

Smart algorithms have been developed for the cycling data analysis. Each different session recorded either by our app or by other connected third party platforms, is being analysed with moving averages on selected metrics. Important insights, presented in easy-to-interpret graphs and tables, are available on both the web and mobile app.

Does Darefore connects with other training platforms?

Yes, the user can connect with his/her STRAVA and GARMIN account.

Privacy & Security

Does Darefore keep my data private? 

All Darefore  activities are GDPR-compliant and ensure complete privacy. You have the option to share your data with your coach if you wish.

What data is being collected?

We are required to collect some personal data that is necessary for the purpose of allowing you to create a user’s account and track your aerodynamic cycling posture in real-time through our Darefore app.

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