What is Darefore? 

Darefore is a pioneering tech brand, revolutionizing cycling performance with a smart position sensor. The position sensor is accompanied by a tech suite which includes an app and an online training platform.

Can Darefore be used indoors and outdoors?

Absolutely! Darefore is designed to track your cycling position and performance both indoors and outdoors.

Outdoor Tracking: When used outdoors it can track body position, location, speed, distance, power, heart rate, cadence, pedal power balance, inclination.
It also provides data and analysis to help you understand how your cycling position affects your performance.

Indoor Tracking: Even if you're training indoors, Darefore doesn't miss a beat. The app calculates your instant speed based on your captured body position and its CdA (a measure of aerodynamic drag), your weight and height, and the weight of your bike.

Who can benefit from Darefore? 

Darefore is a great tool for cyclists and triathletes of all levels!

  • Cyclists: Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a casual rider, Darefore can help you improve your performance.
  • Triathletes: As a multisport athlete, focusing on efficient cycling is crucial. Darefore can be a valuable asset in your training regimen.

Here's what makes Darefore particularly useful:

  • Body Position Analysis: Darefore helps you monitor, analyze, and correct your body position on the bike. Proper posture is essential for comfort, efficiency, and power transfer while cycling.

In short, if you're looking to improve your cycling performance and optimize your body position, Darefore is the perfect training companion!

How is Darefore different?

Darefore sets itself apart by focusing on a crucial aspect of cycling performance often overlooked: Body Position.

Here's what sets Darefore apart:

  • Real-time Body Position Tracking: Unlike traditional cycling trackers that emphasize metrics like power and cadence, Darefore utilizes a wearable sensor to track your body position in real-time.
  • Detailed Analysis: The Darefore app analyzes your various body positions and provides comprehensive data. This helps you understand how different positions impact key performance indicators like power, heart rate, cadence, and ultimately, your speed.
  • Efficiency Focus: By optimizing your body position, Darefore empowers you to become a more efficient cyclist. This translates to maximizing your power output and achieving faster speeds.

In a nutshell, Darefore goes beyond basic cycling data to provide valuable insights that can help you unlock your full cycling potential by optimizing your body position.

Where can I download the Darefore app? 

Downloading the Darefore app is easy! Here's how:

  • Android Users: Click here to or head over to the Google Play Store and search for "Darefore." Download and install the app from there.
  • Apple Users: The Darefore app is coming soon to the App Store! Stay tuned for updates on its availability.

For Garmin Users:

Darefore also offers a compatible app for Garmin devices. You can download it directly from the Connect IQ Store.

Tip: Keep an eye out for updates! The Darefore app is constantly being improved, so make sure you have the latest version for the best experience.

Do I need to be an experienced cyclist to use Darefore?

Absolutely not! Darefore is designed to benefit cyclists of all levels, from beginners to elite athletes.

Here's why Darefore is a great tool for everyone:

  • Beginners: If you're just starting your cycling journey, Darefore can be a valuable asset. It can help you:
    • Develop proper body position: Learning good body position from the beginning is crucial for comfort, efficiency, and preventing injuries. Darefore's real-time tracking and analysis can guide you towards a more aerodynamic and powerful posture.
    • Reduce air drag: Optimizing your body position can significantly decrease your air drag coefficient (CdA). This means you'll expend less energy to maintain the same speed, allowing you to ride further and faster with less effort.
  • Elite Athletes: Even seasoned cyclists can benefit from Darefore's in-depth analysis. It can help you:
    • Fine-tune your body position: Small adjustments in your body position can make a significant difference in performance at the elite level. Darefore's detailed data can help you identify areas for improvement and achieve even greater efficiency.
    • Gain a competitive edge: By optimizing your body position, you can maximize your power output and potentially shave valuable seconds off your race times, giving you a winning advantage.

No matter your cycling experience level, Darefore can help you improve your performance and unlock your full potential!

How can cycling coaches use Darefore?

While Darefore is constantly evolving, its coaching functionalities are still under development.

Currently, the platform focuses on empowering athletes to improve their cycling performance.

However, these are the tools that will be soon available to coaches:

  • Personalized Training Plans: With Darefore's detailed body position data, coaches will be able to create personalized training plans that address each athlete's specific needs and weaknesses. This allows for targeted improvements and faster progress.
  • Remote Monitoring: Coaches will be able to monitor their athletes' progress remotely using the Darefore platform. This includes tracking performance metrics and body position data, allowing for continuous feedback and adjustments to training plans.
  • Enhanced Feedback: Darefore will provide coaches with valuable insights beyond just power and speed. They can analyze body position on specific terrains, during climbs, or in different riding scenarios. This allows for more specific and actionable feedback for athletes.
  • Improved Communication: The platform will be able to facilitate better communication between coaches and athletes. By sharing and discussing Darefore data, coaches can effectively guide athletes towards achieving their goals.

We're excited about the future of Darefore's coaching features! Stay tuned for updates on how the platform will further empower cycling coaches to support their athletes.


What data does Darefore measure? 

Darefore uses a combination of its own sensors and third-party devices to provide you with a comprehensive picture of your cycling performance. Here's a breakdown:

Darefore Wearable Sensor:

  • Body Position: This is Darefore's core function. The lightweight sensor track your body position in real-time, allowing you to understand how your position impacts performance.
  • Heart Rate: Tracks your heart rate during rides, providing valuable insights into your exertion level and training intensity.

Connected Third-Party Devices:

  • Power (Watts): Measures the amount of power you're generating while pedaling, helping you gauge your efficiency and track improvements.
  • Balance Percentages: Provides data on your left/right leg balance, indicating potential imbalances that could be affecting your performance or comfort.
  • Cadence (RPM): Tracks your pedaling rate (rotations per minute), helping you identify optimal cadence for different riding situations.
  • Location: Tracks your cycling route (GPS dependent on connected device).
  • Inclination (Road Grade): Measures the slope of the terrain you're riding on. 

Here's why understanding your body position is important:

  • Aerodynamics: The angle of your body relative to the ground (affected by both road grade and your posture) significantly impacts wind resistance. Darefore can help you optimize your position for better aerodynamics and achieve faster speeds with less effort.

  • Power Transfer: Maintaining a good position allows for more efficient power transfer from your legs to the pedals. By analyzing this data, Darefore can help you identify areas for improvement in your pedaling technique.

By combining body posture and road grade data, Darefore offers a deeper understanding of your cycling form and helps you achieve a more efficient and powerful riding style.

What devices does Darefore support?

Darefore offers multiple ways to track your cycling data.

1. Darefore App (Android and soon on Apple):

  • Minimum Phone Requirements:
    • Operating System: Android 14 (or later)
    • Processor: Mid-range processor
    • RAM: 4GB
    • Storage: 16GB internal storage
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatibility
    • Internet connection (for uploading ride data)

2. Garmin Devices:

  • Compatible Garmin Devices: Darefore offers a separate app for compatible Garmin devices. You can find information about specific compatible models here.

How is my cycling data analysed? 

Darefore utilizes smart algorithms to analyze your cycling data and provide valuable insights into your performance. Here's a breakdown of the process:

Data Collection:

  • Your cycling data can be collected through two primary methods:
    • Darefore App and Sensor: The Darefore app and its lightweight sensor track your body position in real-time.
    • Garmin Device: You can connect compatible devices like heart rate monitors, power meters, and GPS units to gather additional performance metrics.

Data Analysis:

  • Once collected, Darefore's algorithms get to work:
    • Moving Averages: These algorithms analyze your data using moving averages for selected metrics. This helps smooth out fluctuations and identify overall trends in your performance.
    • Metric Selection: The analysis focuses on key metrics that impact cycling performance, such as:
      • Body position
      • Speed
      • Cadence (RPM)
      • Power output (if using a power meter)
      • Heart rate
      • Distance
    • Incorporation of Body Position: A key differentiator is that Darefore analyzes your body position data alongside other metrics. This helps you understand how your posture impacts your performance.

Insights and Visualization:

  • The analysis results are presented in a user-friendly format:
    • Easy-to-Interpret Graphs: Darefore utilizes graphs to visually represent your performance data. These graphs make it easy to identify trends and areas for improvement.
    • Clear Tables: Alongside graphs, Darefore provides tables with detailed data points for further analysis.
    • Accessibility: These insights are accessible on both the Darefore mobile app and web platform, allowing you to review your data from any device.

Overall, Darefore's data analysis provides a comprehensive picture of your cycling performance, helping you to:

  • Understand how your body position affects key metrics
  • Identify areas for improvement in your cycling technique
  • Track your progress over time
  • Make data-driven decisions to optimize your training

By leveraging Darefore's data analysis, you can gain valuable insights and unlock your full cycling potential!

Does Darefore connects with other training platforms?

Yes, the user can connect with his/her STRAVA and GARMIN account.

Privacy & Security

Does Darefore keep my data private? 

All Darefore  activities are GDPR-compliant and ensure complete privacy. You have the option to share your data with your coach if you wish.

What data is being collected?

We are required to collect some personal data that is necessary for the purpose of allowing you to create a user’s account and track your aerodynamic cycling posture in real-time through our Darefore app.


My sensor isn't turning on automatically when I connect the strap. What could be wrong?

The most likely culprit is a low battery. As the device can't detect enough power to turn on, it remains unresponsive.

Replacing the battery should solve the issue.

Bonus Tip: Before replacing the battery, try cleaning the connector points on both the device and the charger with a dry cloth. Dust or debris can sometimes hinder a proper connection..

Weak Heart Rate Signal?

  • Ensure Good Skin Contact: Dry skin or a dirty strap can affect the signal. Moisten the sensor contacts with a damp cloth (not soaking) and let them dry completely before reattaching the strap. You can also wash the strap with mild soap and water, then rinse and air dry thoroughly.
  • Check for Secure Fit: Make sure the sensor sits snug against your skin and is firmly attached to the strap. A loose connection can disrupt the signal.

Having trouble connecting your device?

1. Garmin Device:

  • Make sure your sensor is NOT connected as Heart Rate Sensor. If it is, then disable it. Do not connect it using the “Add Sensor”. See full instruction on how to use Darefore with a Garmin device here.
  • Make sure your sensor is NOT connected to other devices.

2. Mobile App:

  • Is Bluetooth turned on on your phone? The sensor requires Bluetooth for communication.
  • Make sure your sensor is NOT connected to other devices.
  • Do not pair the sensor with your phone. The app connects directly to the sensor at the start of each recording.

Additional Tips:

  • Restart your phone or Garmin device: Sometimes a simple restart can resolve connection issues.
  • Check for app updates: Ensure you're using the latest version of the app on your phone. Most app stores will notify you of updates, but you can also manually check for them.

Is your Garmin device having trouble staying connected to a sensor via Bluetooth?

1. Manage Mobile Phone Connection:

While troubleshooting the sensor connection, it might be helpful to:

  • Temporarily disable Bluetooth connection with your mobile phone. This can help isolate any interference between your phone and the sensor.
  • Reconnect your phone after resolving the sensor issue.

2. Check Sensor and Device:

  • Ensure the sensor is turned on and within Bluetooth range of your Garmin device. Refer to the sensor's user guide for specific instructions.
  • Restart your Garmin device. Sometimes a simple restart can resolve temporary connection issues.

3. Check for Updates:

  • Make sure your Garmin device has the latest software update installed. Updates often include bug fixes and performance improvements, which could help with Bluetooth connectivity.

Additional Resources

Mobile App Guide

This guide provides detailed instructions on using the Darefore mobile app, including features like sensor set up, bike settings, and ride data analysis.

Garmin App Guide

This guide details connecting your Darefore sensor and Garmin device for real-time feedback on position, power, and more. Visit for step-by-step instructions.

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