Take control of your cycling posture,
accelerate your performance & ride faster.


We are committed to making athletes feel empowered, in control, and confident when using our products. Helping them improve their cycling position & performance is our priority. With our innovative tools they can train smarter & efficiently during their training sessions, without feeling uncertain about their position and performance.


Our vision is to be one of Europe’s pioneers in the cycling and triathlon industry, which provides competitive cyclists, triathletes, and coaches innovative & efficient tools to control & accelerate their performance and achieve success.

Our Story

From a passion project born by cyclists & triathletes to a transformed game-changing training platform.
As triathletes, we have noticed a gap existing in the cycling scene. No option was available on the market to help you improve your cycling position on the go both indoors and outdoors. Utilizing our background in information technology, research, and advanced technologies, we started developing the Smart Cyclo project which resulted to Darefore.
After months of testing, academic research, and analysis, we built an innovative solution consisting of state-of-the-art wireless position sensors, a mobile application (app), and an online training platform.
A solution that provides you with indoor and outdoor data in real-time, to track and improve your cycling position.

Our purpose is to be a stepping stone to your achievements and success by helping you take control of your cycling position.

Marios & Panagiotis Kyriakou
The founders of Darefore & Mirror 3D Lab

Our values


Evolving is a vital part of being human. Stagnation is not an option. We need growth to be the best we can be.


We will always look for ways to improve and offer better products and solutions. Whether this is challenging constraints or the way we think. Without a new way of thinking, there is no innovation.


We know how important guidance and accurate data are for our athletes to succeed.


We are daring and willing to take risks, push our boundaries, discover, learn, and improve. We are not settling for mediocrity.


Our dedication and love for what we do are our motivators in showing up as our best selves every day.

Our Team

Our exceptional team of talented professionals brings extensive experience and expertise from various fields, including advanced technologies, design, development, technology, and marketing. Together, we form a powerhouse, leveraging our collective knowledge and skills to overcome challenges and develop and create innovative solutions that meet the needs of athletes. Meet the key members who are instrumental in shaping the future of cycling technology

Our Consultants

Our collaboration with experienced athletes and coaches complements and fortifies our cycling knowledge for our products. Their input and feedback are essential for developing and keep improving of our tech suite.

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