Smart Cyclo (now Darefore) Shines at Eurobike 2023: A Resounding Success and Promising Collaborations

We are extremely excited to have been part of Eurobike 2023 and to have gained such an incredible reception. The exhibition provided us with a fantastic opportunity to showcase our cutting-edge product and establish connections with industry leaders, potential partners, and individuals passionate about cycling as a sport.

The event, held from 21/6/2023 to 25/6/2023 in Frankfurt and brought together industry experts, potential collaborators, and enthusiastic attendees, all eager to explore the latest advancements in cycling.

Throughout the exhibition, we showcased our groundbreaking product Smart Cyclo, which gained significant attention and positive feedback from visitors. The exhibition provided a favorable environment for the brand to engage in meaningful discussions, forge potential collaborations, and receive valuable insights from industry professionals.

Throughout the exhibition, we conducted a series of important meetings, engaging in discussions with key industry players and decision-makers. These meetings resulted in the identification of potential collaborations that hold promising prospects for the future growth and development of the brand. We had the chance to show our platform and sensors to journalists and media. We are very happy that Mark from GTN (Global Training Network), one of the most popular YouTube channels for Triathlon, visited our booth and included us in the “Hottest Tech at Eurobike 2023”

The feedback received from individuals who tested Smart Cyclo was particularly encouraging, validating the brand’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions that address industry challenges.

We are immensely grateful and would like to extend our heartfelt
appreciation to Wahoo Fitness, and particularly to Darren Reid, Marketing & Partnerships Manager of Germany, Austria & Eastern Europe, for their incredible support. Darren Reid generously provided us with a KICKR smart trainer and arranged a road bike from Specialized for our demonstrations. We are eagerly anticipating a fruitful collaboration with Wahoo Fitness family.

Our CEO with Marketing Manager of Wahoo, Darren Reid


We are very proud of our involvement in the EUROBIKE 2023  exhibition as the creators of a comprehensive, state-of-the-art cycling training platform. Engaging in discussions with fellow professionals and conducting meetings with various companies proved to be incredibly enlightening.

We became aware of specific professional needs that can be potentially tackled by our products with some modifications (e.g. bike fitter, physical therapists). An area where our tools could be useful is monitoring the cycling positions before and after a bike fitting. Physical therapists would use the data to monitor certain positions and many more.

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