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€265 (inc V.A.T.)

By purchasing the Darefore Tech Suite you gain access to 1 year of premium subscription to our platform.

Darefore Tech Suite monitors corrects, and analyses in real-time the cyclists’ position during a ride. The tech suite consists of a smart sensor that tracks the position, a mobile app that handles the data from the sensor and provides real-time feedback, and an online training platform where a plethora of tools are available for a deeper understanding of the relation between body position and performance.

  • Real-time feedback on your body position, power output, heart rate, speed, cadence and more
  • Advanced algorithms and data analysis to optimize your cycling performance
  • Track your progress and monitor your performance over time
  • Find the optimal position for your body and riding style
  • Set your own custom positions for each of your bikes and analyse your performance based on them
 DimensionsDiameter: 36,6mm (1.44 in)
Thickness: 10,6mm (0.42 in)
 Water resistantUp to 30m/100ft 
 Weight10g / 0.33oz with battery
 BatteryCR 2025 Lithium coin
cell battery
 CompatibilityAndroid Compatible and Garmin (iOS coming soon) 
 ApprovalsCE, FCC, IC, C-Tick, CMIIT 
 ConformsREACH, RoHS 
 ConnectivityBluetooth 4.2 / 5.0 


  • Cycling Position Tracking
  • Position Analytics
  • Speed Estimation
  • Training Calendar
  • Performance Analysis
  • Integration with 3rd Platforms
  • Import Fit Files


(included plan)
  • Everything included in the Basic Plan
  • Training Planning
  • Performance Prediction
  • Workout Library
  • Enhanced Analysis
  • Set Custom Positions


  • Keep record, present instantly important statistics for your progress and analyse performance trends.
  • Track & analyse your aerodynamic cycling position in real-time.
  • Use it both for indoor rides with a turbo trainer and for outdoor rides.
  • Connect it with other available devices and collect more cycling metrics (power, cadence, balance).
  • Connect your account from other training platforms (Garmin, Strava).
  • Access to overall cycling position analytics (%time spent, power, hr, speed etc in each different position).


  • Deep understanding of how cycling position works.
  • Analysis of your all training data with smart algorithms.
  • Information on how to improve your performance using progress and trends analytics.
  • Custom training plans and workouts based on your goals and fitness level.
  • Connect to your coach, for training plans, monitoring and feedback.
  • Goals, Badges, and Gamification keeps you motivated to complete your training plans and achieve your personal ambitions.
Operating System Android 14
Processor Mid-range processor
Storage 16GB internal storage
Other Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) compatibility
Internet Connection Uploading ride data require an internet connection
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